Subnautica: Below Zero makes you a hero

    Set a couple years after the pandemic on planet 4546B, Subnautica: Below Zero puts us back in the water with a freezing twist.

    A great game that builds off the original. We may be looking at a franchise.

    Following the success of Subnautica, the developers added more land and a temperature mechanism that makes for some interesting gameplay. Imagine having to bask in the heat of a Thermal Lilly to keep warm in the middle of a snowstorm. New creatures, types of fish and of course, leviathans, should keep gamers coming back for more.

    Below Zero also adds a bunch of building options, so those who enjoy epic bases (and the struggle for self-sustainment) should be happy as clams. 

    The story is great, having the player seek out and help a trapped alien life form with a series of quests. The ending cut scene is a treat.  

    Subnautica: Below Zero is a solid second offering that is sure to have gamers keeping an eye out for number three. 

    Justin Werner
    I'm a news publisher by day and video game player by night. I write from the perspective of 30 years gaming experience.

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