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Welcome to Gamer Heaven.

Gamesplode is that special place where you go to unwind and really get a feel for the pulse of gaming as a whole. Yes you’ll find Warcraft posts and the latest console news but its much more than that. On this website we break the fourth wall, as you will soon see.
Gamesplode is not about reviews or what’s new and cool…ok it kinda is but not that emphasized. What we try to do is bring the gaming industry as a whole into your livingroom, bench, friends house, wherever you are. Welcome to Gamesplode.

Incredible tools at your fingertips for a creative boost.

“Gamesplode’s stories have brought me to tears on more than one occasion. This is the best fuc**** site on the Internet.” – HelloKitty503

Do you build games? Are you a gamer? Want to share? This is the spot.
I remember Nintendo
Collaborating is the key to creative greatness. This is definitely the place to be if you are modern, cutting edge, nerd, hacker, plain-clothes detective or freedom fighter.

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